My Websites

  •  Personal website housing my academic papers and other writing
  • Social Science Insights: Promoting how social science can improve business, community organisations & social media
  • Sociology at Work: Not-for-profit advocacy for applied sociology – the use of sociological knowledge beyond university settings. I manage a membership of over 11,000 colleagues and provide career guidance for sociology students
  • My Tumblr filled with general sociology posts, visual sociology, and other social issues
  • Antipodeans: I run this Tumblr showcasing Australian art as a labour of love.

Other Websites

I am involved in several not-for-profit projects and organisations.

  • STEM Women: I co-manage this group addressing issues affecting women in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. We have over 100,000 members.
  • Science on Google+: I co-manage this group making science education accessible to the public. We have over 700,000 followers across our page and community
  • BioCultural Landscapes & Seascapes (BCLS): I co-manage this group committed to biodiversity and environmental sustainability for culturally diverse communities. We have over 3,000 followers.

My Social Media

  • Twitter: Sociology, gender equity in science, & social justice
  • Facebook: Anti-racism, feminism & Other sociology goodness
  • Google+: Social science research & public science education
  • Instagram : Visual sociology of everyday life
  • Google+ Page: This blog in Google+ form
  • Pinterest: Latin sociology, gender & sexuality, Other frivolity

See my various other social media accounts here on my website.