I’ll be on a panel for the Tech Inclusion Melbourne Conference, on 13 February 2018!

Forthcoming Events

Tech Inclusion

Tech Inclusion Conference 2018I’ll be speaking on a panel at the Tech Inclusion Melbourne Conference on 13 February 2018. The panel is led by Cory-Ann Joseph, UX Lead at ANZ. The panel is titled: We’ve got a time machine, now what are we going to do with it? 

Learn more about the panel and conference below. Register here, and come and say hi!

About the panel

Growing up in Australia came with a sense that we were lagging behind our bigger, ‘cooler’ brother of the USA – movies, pop music, concert tours all took weeks or months to get to us – if at all. But Silicon Valley doesn’t always lead the way. Mistakes were made in the ‘early’ days of diversity and inclusion: centering men at Women in Tech events, a focus on women first instead of race, and the victim-blamey rhetoric of women needing to change their behaviour. And perhaps the biggest mistake of all is that despite a decade since the first D&I efforts – not much has changed.

How can the tech industry in Australia avoid the same and chart a different course for the future?

Cory-Ann Joseph, UX designer Danya Azzopardi and I will discuss structual dynamics needed for change.

About the conference

Tech Inclusion brings the local tech industry together to drive solutions to diversity and inclusion: executives, hiring managers, human resources, data scientists, educators, entrepreneurs, investors, policymakers and diversity and inclusion advocates.

Together we’ll discuss the current state of diversity and inclusion in Australia, then focus on solutions: what’s working now, what else is needed, and how each of us can contribute to developing a more inclusive tech economy. We’ll explore inclusive and accessible products, company culture change, diverse hiring and increasing the diversity of the talent pipeline, inclusive startups and venture capital, policy and advocacy, artificial intelligence and the future of technology …. and more.

What will we each do to ensure that we are driving an inclusive future for everyone?


Kiwi Foo Camp 2018

kiwi-foo-baa-camp-timetableI’ll be at Kiwi Foo Camp on 2-4 March 2018, held in Auckland, New Zealand.  I plan to talk about practical steps to boost equity, diversity an intersectionality… or how to end sexual harassment. More details to follow after the event!

About the event

(From the event website) 150 people, two days, no agenda, Kiwi Foo Camp is a private gathering of people who are building the future. Invitations are extended to those doing interesting work in fields such as neuroscience, Internet applications, psychology, open source programming, art, business, education, physics, politics, and all manner of interesting science and technology. They network, share their works in progress, and find new partners for collaboration. Past events have seen attendees form companies, change the legislative agenda, kick-off scientific research, and launch new international careers

Note: Unfortunatley, Kiwi Foo is a closed event.

Past Events

Diversity in STEM

I’m giving a talk on Diversity in STEM, at the AMSI Summer School, which is being held at Monash University on Thursday 18 January from 12:45 pm-2 pm.

I will provide background on the data and issues affecting diversity in Australia, and then join a panel discussion with

  • Ailie Gallant (ARC DECRA Fellow in the School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment.
  • Sarah Jabbari, postdoc in the School of Maths.
  • Sevvandi Kandanaarachchi, Research Fellow, Mathematical Sciences.

Note: The event is closed to AMSI Summer School students.

Research Equity in New Zealand Aotearoa

Title of event on top banner against blue background reads: Research Equity in New Zealand Aotearoa. Smaller yellow banner with time and address details. Lower half shows large photo of Zuleyka Zevallos on the left and logos of hosts The NZ Association of Scientists, and logos of sponsors: Dodd-Walls Centre; The MacDiarmid Institute; Te Punaha Matatini

(From the event organisers) The New Zealand Association of Scientists is pleased to welcome Dr Zuleyka Zevallos to New Zealand, for a special discussion of how to improve equity and increase diversity in research communities. The event is free to the public. We invite you to join us.

Dr Zuleyka Zevallos will then be joined by the following panelists: Prof Anita Brady; Di Tracey; Izzy O’Neill; A/Prof Joanna Kidman; and Prof Richard Blaikie.