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  • 2022 ‘Sociologia Delle Politiche di Prevenzione Delle Molestie Pubbliche,’ Le Sociologie, 28 August.
  • 2020 ‘Indigenous Sociology for Social Impact,’ The Sociological Review, 5 June.
  • 2019 ‘Racial and Gender Justice for Aboriginal Women in Prison,’ Women’s Policy Action Tank, 18 July.
  • 2017 Ring a Bell? Charles Murray and the Resurgence of Scientific Racism, The Humanist, 15 May.
  • 2017 Better Leadership through Diversity: A Case Study of the March for Science, The Humanist, 8 May.
  • 2017 Making the Most of Diversity Lessons from March for Science Australia, Women’s Policy Action Tank
  • 2017 Analyzing the March for Science Diversity Discourse, DiverseScholar, 8:1
  • 2017 The March for Science Can’t Figure Out How to Handle Diversity, Latino Rebels
  • 2016 K. Webster, P. Cox & Z. Zevallos Study confirms intimate partner violence leading health risk factor for women, The Conversation
  • 2016 How to Stop the Sexual Harassment of Women in Science: Reboot the System, The Conversation
  • 2015 Turning Social Science Into a Business, UCL Researchers
  • 2015 The Myth About Women in Science? Bias at Work in the Study of Gender Inequality in STEM, London School of Economics Impact Blog
  • 2015 Sexism in Science Reporting: a 2014 Timeline, DiverseScholar, 6:4
  • 2014 Science Inequality in the News: Avoiding Dangerous Gender Narratives in STEM, DiverseScholar, 5:11
  • 2014 Z. Zevallos, B. Samarasinghe and R. Rao, Nature vs Nurture: Girls and STEM, Soapbox Science
  • 2014 The Sociology of (Anti)Science: How the Social Sciences Can Improve Public Trust in Scientific Evidence, London School of Economics Impact Blog
  • 2013 Adapting Sociological Teaching and Learning for Online Environments, Nexus
  • 2011 Z. Zevallos, D. Bowman, A. Hogan and L. Nelms,To Be or Not to Be “Too Academic”: Theory and Practice in Applied Contexts, Working Notes, Issue 2
  • 2010 A. Hogan, Z. Zevallos, L. Nelms and D. Bowman, Editorial: Welcome to the Inaugural Edition of Working Notes, Working Notes, Issue 1
  • 2009 A Brief Introduction On Applied Sociology, Sociology At Work, 23 May.
  • 2008 Doing Sociology Beyond Academia: Making Applied Sociology ‘Work’, Nexus, 20(2): 1-2
  • 2008 Breaking Down The Otherness Of Applied Sociology, Nexus, 20(2): 7-8
  • 2007 The Lofty Symbolism Of The Philosopher’s Stone: Working Outside Academia As A Sociologist Of Migration, Ethnicity And Multiculturalism, Nexus 19(1): 19-22
  • 2004 ‘Postgraduate Workshop Report’, Nexus, 16(1): 16
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Selected Presentations

  • 2022 ‘Risks of Visibility in a Forced Spotlight: Challenging the “Impact Agenda,”‘ panel hosted by Cultures of Digital Hate, online event, 12 September.
  • 2022 Z. Zevallos, D. Hennessey and M. Lau ‘Using Behavioural Messages to Retain Vulnerable Apprentices and Trainees,’ National Centre for Vocational Education Research (NCVER), online conference, 8 July.
  • 2020 ‘Career Planning in the Research Sector,’ workshop at the Association of Iberian and Latin American Studies of Australasia (AILASA) Conference, online event, 9 July.
  • 2020 ‘The Rest of You Can Go Next: Using Intersectionality in Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Programs,’ Australian Critical Race and Whiteness Studies Association (ACRAWSA) Conference, Sydney, 7 February.
  • 2018 ‘Making Science Inclusive,’ Science Pathways, Brisbane, 23 April.
  • 2018 ‘International Women’s Day in Tech,’ Readify, Sydney, 8 March.
  • 2018 ‘Ending Sexual Harassment in STEM and Academia,’ Kiwi Foo, Auckland, New Zealand, 2-4 March.
  • 2018 ‘We’ve Got a Time Machine, Now What Are We Going to Do With It?,’ panel with Cory-Ann Joseph and Danya Azzopardi, TechInclusion, Melbourne, 13 February.
  • 2018 ‘Diversity in STEM,’ Australian Mathematic Sciences Institute (AMSI) Summer School, Monash University, Melbourne, 18 January.
  • 2017 ‘Research Equity in New Zealand Aotearoa: a Suffrage Day Conversation,’ keynote at the Royal Society, Wellington, 19 September.
  • 2017 Challenging the March for Science – Intersectionality Work at the Coal Face, University of Auckland, 22 September.
  • 2016 ‘Race and Dating,’ panel with Santilla Chingaipe and Andy Quan), Conscious Dating, Sydney, 26 April.
  • 2016 ‘Decolonising Sociology,’ Indigenous Sociology for Social Impact, University of Newcastle, Newcastle, 27-28 October.
  • 2016 ‘Reducing Family Violence,’ Victoria University Research Festival, Melbourne, 20 October.
  • 2016 ‘Knowledge Translation and Exchange,’ Prevalent and Preventable: International Conference on Violence Against Women Adelaide, 19-22 September.
  • 2016 ‘Informed and Practical Ways to Enhance Gender Equity & Diversity in Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths & Medicine (STEMM),’ Kiwi Foo, Auckland, 11-13 March.
  • 2011 ‘Being ‘Latin-Australian’: Constructions and Social Consequences of Pan-Latin American Identities in Australia,’ paper presented at Imagining Latin America in Australia Workshop, University of Western Sydney, Sydney, 12-13 August. 
  • 2009 N. Kontoleon and Z. Zevallos ‘The Development Of A Dynamic Social Network Modelling Technique To Model Group Political Violence In The Southern Philippines,’ paper presented at Sunbelt Conference XXIX, San Diego, 10-15 March.
  • 2006 ‘Don’t Ask The Sociologists, They’ll Say, “It Depends”‘: Integrating Sociology Within Interdisciplinary Models Of Terrorism,’ paper presented at Sociology For A Mobile World: Annual Conference of The Australian Sociological Association, University of Western Australia, Perth, 4-7 December.
  • 2006 ‘What Makes Them Do It? A Theoretical Framework For Analysing The Motivations Of Suicide Terrorists,’ paper presented at the Social, Organisational And Cultural Influences On Decision Making In The Australian Defence Organisation Workshop, Canberra.
  • 2006 ‘”The Brave Will Murmur, What a Beautiful Day To Die”: An Analysis Of The Concept Of Motivation In Suicide Terrorism Research,’ paper presented at Swinburne University of Technology’s Inaugural Life and Social Sciences Alumni Seminar Series, Swinburne University, Melbourne, 16 November.
  • 2006 ‘”I Love My Country, But I Wouldn’t Wanna Live There”: Second-Generation Australian-Turkish Women’s Understandings Of Homeland, Culture And Belonging,’ paper presented at The Australian-Turkish Relations and the Role of the Diaspora, University of Sydney, Sydney, 10 March.
  • 2005 ‘Macho Men And Slavedrivers: Second-Generation Migrant Women Discuss Latin And Turkish Masculinities In Australia,’ paper presented at Second-Generation Migrants: Contesting Definitions and Realities Workshop, University of Queensland, Brisbane, 1-2 November.

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