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Applied Sociology

Race and Culture

Gender and Sexuality

Equity and Diversity in Academia and STEM

  • 2020 Institutional Action on Sexual Harassment, The Other Sociologist, 8 March.
  • 2020 Equity, Diversity, Intersectionality, Inclusion and Access, The Other Sociologist, 16 February. 
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  • 2016 How to Stop the Sexual Harassment of Women in Science: Reboot the System, The Conversation, 29 January.
  • 2016 Same Auld Lang Syne: Dearth of Diversity in 2016 American Chemical Society Awards, STEM Women, 5 January. (Co-authored, Z. Zevallos, R. Rao & B. Samarasinghe)
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  • 2014 Motherhood Penalty in Academia, The Other Sociologist
  • 2014 Science Fellowships and Institutional Gender Bias in STEM, The Other Sociologist, 1 November.
  • 2014 The K-Index: Gender Morality and Social Media Use by Scientists, The Other Sociologist, 6 August.
  • 2014 Sexism in Academic Science: Analysis of The New York Times Op-Ed, STEM Women, 6 November. (Co-authored with R. Rao & B. Samarasinghe)
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  • 2014 Letting Women Shine: Undoing Gender Inequality in Education, The Other Sociologist, 13 August.
  • 2014 BroScience: Sexism in Click Bait Science News, STEM Women, 27 June. (Co-authored, R. Rao & B. Samarasinghe)
  • 2014 Monkey Business: Erin Kane on Field Research in Cote d’Ivoire, STEM Women, 17 June.
  • 2014 #ScienceChat on Equality & Inclusion, STEM Women, 30 May.
  • 2014 Everyday Sexism in Academia, The Other Sociologist, 12 April.
  • 2014 Recognising Sexism: Boobs to ‘Broteomics,’ STEM Women, 24 March. (Co-authored, R. Rao & B. Samarasinghe)
  • 2014 How Men Can Help STEM Women with Professor Jonathan Eisen, STEM Women, 26 February. (Co-authored, R. Rao & B. Samarasinghe)
  • 2014 The Value of STEM: Heroic Women Who Inspired My Social Science, STEM Women, 19 February.
  • 2014 Women & the Nobel Prize for Sciences, STEM Women, 7 March.
  • 2014 What is Sexism & How Does it Work in STEM?, STEM Women, 8 April.
  • 2013 Women Scientists & the Study of Scientists at Sea, Google+, 12 December.
  • 2012 Google’s Glass Ceiling: A Case Study of Why Organisations Lose Innovative Women, The Other Sociologist, 30 September.

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